No Insurance? No Problem!

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Industry-Leading Dental Savings Program

Now That's Something to Smile About!

South Main Dental offers our own in-house dental plan - No Insurance?  No Problem!  

Our industry leading No Insurance? No Problem! savings plan provides dentist-recommended care emphasizing disease prevention and early diagnosis, which is vital to your long-term oral health. 

By enrolling in our plan, you get a trusted dental partner dedicated to keeping your mouth healthy, functional, and attractive for years to come.

Our patients enjoy big $avings off our regularly priced dental maintenance services including unlimited exams, two cleanings, all necessary x-rays, fluoride when recommend, and discounts on all other dental treatment services.  These are the big benefits you will receive from joining our in-house No Insurance? No Problem! plan.

For more information on our services and pricing, stop by and visit with one of our friendly business office professionals, or call us at (763) 552-1616

No Insurance No Problem

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