Saliva Testing

South Main Dental offers Saliva Testing to help further diagnose and treat Periodontal Disease. The pathogens tested for can help determine if there is increased risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Stroke and birth complications. Our testing identifies the following type(s) of oral bacteria:

High Risk Pathogens:

  • Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans
  • Porphyromonas gingivalis
  • Tannerella forsythia
  • Treponema denticola

Moderate Risk Pathogens:

  • Eubacterium nodatum
  • Fusobacterium nucleatum/periodonticum
  • Prevotella intermedia
  • Campylobacter rectus
  • Peptostreptococcus (Micromonas) micros

Low Risk Pathogens:

  • Eikenella corrodens
  • Capnocytophaga species (gingavalis, ochracea, sputigena)

Testing is done through Oral DNA Labs in Eden Prairie, MN. For more information, click the logo below.

At South Main Dental, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

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